About Mike Mulcare


Mike has lived in Douglas County since 1987. He was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta.

He has been married to Peggy, his high school sweetheart for 48 years. They have three children, Angelle, now living in Colorado with her Army husband and son; Mike Jr., an engineer living in Massachusetts; and Nicholas, a major with the Fulton County Marshall’s department. There are six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren…so far.

Mike is retired from Delta Air Lines’ Technical Operations Division. He is able to devote full time to Douglas County citizens and their issues.

Mike and Peggy Mulcare

Mike and Peggy Mulcare

Before retiring from Delta Air Lines, Mike advanced from an aircraft mechanic and various management positions to head all of non-technical training for its Technical Operations division of 11,000 employees. This covered leadership and supervisory training, sales training, management seminars, negotiation and communication skills, performance evaluation, conflict resolution and many other facets of continuing learning.He developed a division-wide personnel evaluation system; coordinated succession planning through director level; worked to start Delta University (on site college courses) and managed the FAA Safety Awards Program at Delta.

Community Service
Mike has been active in Douglas County quality of life issues since 1997, when he started Friends of Douglas County (FoDC). The FoDC brought the community together to successfully defend against a major zoning of the entire Bear Creek Watershed Basin into high density development. An action the county greatly benefits from to this day.

Mike volunteering at the Douglas County Animal Shelter

Mike volunteering at the Douglas County Animal Shelter

This group, with Mike as President, later helped many different neighborhoods defeat zonings that would have permitted a landfill, a power plant, apartments and a prison farm…devastating to nearby communities. The FoDC frequently opposed repeated developer demands for ever-increasing housing densities over what the existing zoning allowed. As can be seen now, had these concerns been recognized by the county commission then – our present housing situation would not be nearly as serious. He taped many a flyer to a mailbox to get people involved in issues concerning them and their families.

He was asked by his neighbors to run for county commission in 2006 in a special election against 6 other candidates and was elected because of his active grass roots work and frequent success in addressing real quality of life issues of homeowners.

State level
Mike is President of the Group Health Benefits Corporation Board of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). The Group Health Benefits Board provides cost effective health benefits to employees of over 100 Georgia counties.  He also serves on the Board of Managers for the ACCG.

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